Karissa Erickson
Owner and Founder of Four O Six Nannies

Karissa founded Four O Six Nannies after seven years of working as a professional nanny. Under the constant threat of spontaneous Nerf gun wars, she worked tirelessly to entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of her client's children. Little intimidated her regarding childcare as her most recent experience included bilingual twin girls, budding southern gentlemen, and semi professional parkour athletes. Passionate about health through nutrition, she kept them energized with her well balanced meal preparation and clean plate policy. As the original Four O Six nanny, Karissa's professionalism and love for children has created a company dedicated to premier family services.

Meet Our Team
Johnny - Manny and Tutor

Johnny is currently studying physics at Montana State University. He has worked with kids for several years in recreational and academic environments. Most recently, he worked as a tutor for Montana State University in math ranging from Algebra to Differential Equations. He’s always enjoyed working with kids because he is truly a child at heart. Johnny also used to volunteer with the Woodland Montessori School in Kalispell with children from 3-7 years old. He has also worked at soccer camps with kids ages 5-13 years old. He is an avid climber, hiker, and enjoys skiing.

Sam - Nanny

Sam Keller was born and raised in Montana and she has worked at the Child Development Center on campus for almost three years. She will be a Junior at Montana State University in Bozeman and is studying Early Childhood Development. She hopes to one day open her own preschool. In her free time, Sam volunteers for the Special Olympics of Montana. She loves to travel and is involved with the youth group at her church and is currently on a mission trip in the Middle East. Sam enjoys hiking, playing in the snow or paddling the local lakes on her paddleboard.

Spencer - Manny

Spencer is a recent graduate of Montana State University in Cell Biologyand Neuroscience. He is planning to apply to Physician Assistant programs here within the next few years after gaining the necessary clinical experience. Some of his experience working with children includes: nannying for a few families here in Bozeman, lifeguarding for four years, spending a summer as a parks and recreation worker in his hometown and volunteering with special needs individuals at the Eagle Mount Ski Clinic at Bridger Bowl for two seasons. He is EMT certified and works as a caregiver at an assisted living home.

Sydney - Nanny

Sydney was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. She graduated high school early to devote her time to preparing for college. Sydney is currently a second year nursing student at Montana State University. She has been an active “Big Sister” through Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Gallatin Valley for a year and a half and an on-call babysitter for 7 years for many local families. She has experience with infants to teenagers and enjoys caring for children. She feeds off their energy and positivity. Sydney is passionate about hiking, running, skiing and paddle boarding. She competed for five years in archery through 4-H and was a member of the Barracuda Swim Team for 5 years and the Bozeman High School Swim Team for 2 years.

Kyle - Manny

Kyle grew up in Durango, Colorado acting in theatre and film from the age of nine. He followed his passions for acting and writing to Montana State University where he graduated with dual degrees in Film and Photography and English Literature in May of 2016. Kyle focused his English degree towards young adult literature and is passionate about sharing his love of reading with kids and teaching the importance of storytelling in all its forms.

Taylor - Nanny

Taylor was raised in the small town of South Lake Tahoe, where her love of the outdoors blossomed, ultimately leading her to Bozeman. She studied Physical health and nutrition at Lake Tahoe Community College and is a certified birth Doula. She has three younger siblings that she grew up babysitting, and she loves the fun and energetic spirit of children. She often says she understands and gets along with children better than she does her peers! Taylor strives to foster their unique imaginations and creativity while implementing learning through everyday life. She loves being active with hobbies such as yoga, hiking, and learning about the environment, which she loves to share with the children she spends time with. She also enjoys arts and crafts, reading,cooking, and playing games. She looks forward to meeting you and your family!

Kira - Nanny

Throughout Kira’s childhood in Libby, Montana, she always wanted to work with children. She was an only child until age 11, but now has four younger siblings. Watching them play outside and develop their own personalities has driven her to become a teacher. In high school she aided kindergarten classes and volunteered at local preschools. Her most recent endeavors have been with the MSU Child Development Center (CDC). This job has opened doors to various caretaking opportunities in Bozeman putting to good use her almost completed Elementary Education degree. Kira enjoys taking her dog on hikes and experiencing different areas in and around the Gallatin community.

Kelsey - Nanny

Kelsey was born and raised in Maine loving the outdoors. She grew up skiing, hiking and camping. As her passion grew for working with children, she attended Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Kelsey’s undergrad degree is in Childhood Studies with a minor in Family and Child Welfare. She aspires to invest in childhood development and is currently pursing a degree in School Counseling at Montana State University. Kelsey has experience as a long term and travel nanny working with ages nine months to twelve years as well as up to four children at a time. Her love for travel brought her to Colorado where she lived for the past two years exhibiting her dedication to children through work as a ski instructor. Kelsey is creative, organized and enjoys engaging children in crafts and outdoor activities.

Miranda - Seasonal Nanny

Miranda's experience with children is largely through her volunteer work. As an aspiring engineer, she worked closely with girl scouts leading activities and promoting ideas of problem solving and creating. She has experience caring for children with severe and demanding allergies and is fully trained and responsible when it comes to preparing food and administering an epi pen. She loves sweet, energized kids that are ready for any adventure they day may bring. Miranda looks forward to becoming more connected to the community through her position at Four O Six Nannies.cleardot.gif

Madi - Nanny

Four years of lifeguarding at the South Park Pool in Billings, MT, gave Madi plenty of experience with children. She worked hard as a leader, confidant and mentor. Lifeguarding sparked her passion for kids and she is thrilled to be a part of the Four O Six Nannies team. Madi is currently studying elementary education at Montana State University and looks forward to becoming an elementary school teacher.

Lauren - Nanny

Lauren’s childcare experience began officially when she was just eleven years old and being the oldest child in her family, her training started well before that. Developed over years of activities and babysitting jobs, her love for children stands strong to this day. The past several years have placed Lauren in reoccurring nanny positions with several local families as well as a position at Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in their Children’s Activities Department. She holds a place on the babysitter list for Spanish Peaks and Moonlight alike and is passionate about helping families enjoy all that Montana has to offer!

Randi - Nanny

Randi grew up in Oregon City, OR and relocated to Bozeman when she was thirteen. Since that time, she’s become an active member of the conservationist community. She is a freshman at Montana State University studying Conservation Biology and Ecology. Her passion for the outdoors shows in her childcare practices. Randi works hard to get kids into nature and interested in the wonderful world around them. She’s cared for children since age eleven and has worked at the Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in their Childcare Department for the past two years.

Ali - Nanny

Alison is a recent graduate of Mandan High School in Mandan, North Dakota and has been a childcare provider since 2012 for three primary families. No age group intimidates her as her experience ranges from infant care to ten years old. Some of her favorite indoor activities include arts and crafts, baking, and reading. Whenever possible, however she gets the kids outside to play at local parks, watch local sporting events, and stroll the neighborhoods of Bozeman. Alison believes in the healthy combination of childhood fun and relaxation.

Dr. Jenny - Nanny

Jenny was born and raised in MN on an organic farm. She grew up loving sports, animals, and the outdoors. She was very active through her high school and college years playing basketball, volleyball, and softball, but can also ski, snowboard, and ice skate. She also enjoys music and taught herself to play guitar, piano, and sing. Her love for children blossomed in middle/high school as she babysat for neighbors, volunteered as a summer camp counselor and taught Sunday school. She has three older siblings with 8 nieces and nephews and has spent a lot of time working with children ranging from babies to middle schoolers. After high school she attended University of Minnesota, Morris receiving her Bachelors in Biology and her coaching certificate. She has a passion for health and fitness which inspired her to continue onto chiropractic school. She recently graduated from Chiropractic school in MN, but moved out to MT in the summer of 2016 for her last internship in Bozeman and has been here ever since. While in chiropractic school she completed two of her internships in pediatric clinics while also working for a nanny agency in her spare time. She is currently pursuing her certificate with the international chiropractic pediatric association (ICPA) to focus on working with moms and children. Jenny is very patient, organized and enjoys engaging children in character building activities and healthy lifestyles.

Carolyn - Nanny and Infant Specialist

Carolyn was raised in Bozeman, Montana and attended the University of Montana in Missoula. She graduated in 2012 with a degree in Elementary Education and was a nanny throughout her college career. Upon graduating, she traveled through Asia for a few months before settling in Los Angeles and pursuing a career as a professional nanny. Her education background has laid a foundation for her career as a nanny and has taught her many strategies for working with and teaching children. Because of her background, she has experience with many different age groups and backgrounds. She loves to do arts and crafts with kids, spend as much time outdoors as possible, sing, have dance parties, and gets children in the kitchen and connected with their food.

Celeste - Nanny

Celeste was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan loving the outdoors. She grew up dancing, swimming and exploring the shoreline of Lake Michigan. As her passion grew for working with children and the outdoors, she attended University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. Celeste’s undergrad degree is in Environmental Studies with a focus in water quality and education. After graduating in May 2015, she moved to Kosrae, Micronesia where she spent the year working as a full time high school ESL teacher and scuba diving on the weekends. Celeste has experience teaching dance to students ages 2-12 and teaching English to high school juniors and seniors as well as babysitting for families with kids ranging from 18 months to 12 years old. Celeste moved to Bozeman in August of 2016 and loves life here! She loves being active outside and engaging with children in outdoor activities.

Savannah - Nanny

Savannah was born and raised in sunny Tampa, FL. She decided to trade in the beaches and sun for the beautiful mountains in Montana. Savannah is currently a student at Montana State University and is studying organismal biology. She has many valuable years of childcare and tutoring experience. She also has experience nannying for a variety of children including special needs and multiples. Savannah is passionate about any and all animals, hiking, swimming, dancing, and crafting. She took ballet classes for 16 years and has been expanding her artsy horizon by participating in painting, knitting, and quilting classes. Savannah loves children and is looking forward to exploring the big sky state with some awesome kiddos!

Meghan - Nanny

Meghan has been working with children for over six years, through nannying, lifeguarding, and working as a camp counselor. She attended Montana State University and recently graduated May of 2016. She enjoys growing connections with families through nannying and being able to help families maximize time with their children by being able to help with daily errands and chores as well. Meghan has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and wants to help children develop this same lifestyle, as well as a passion for the outdoors, and love to spend as much as possible in Montana's beautiful environment.

Haley B. - Seasonal Nanny and Infant Specialist

Haley was born and raised in Bozeman, MT and graduated High School with an honor diploma. Following graduation she began attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Studying Behavior Health Science. In hope of obtaining a masters degree in Occupational Therapy.She has been a babysitter for as long as she can remember and has two younger siblings, so naturally she has developed a passion for kids. Most of Haley's experience is with toddlers and infants. She also has experience with a range of children with special needs. She loves exploring the outdoors, as well as playing any kind of sport.

Samantha T. - Nanny and Infant Specialist

Samantha was born and raised in Billings, MT. She moved to Bozeman for the start of highschool and is now attending MSU for a degree in physical therapy. Samantha grew up with three younger sisters and has a passion caring for children. She enjoys swimming, music, and spending time with family. Since junior high Samantha has obtained a certificate for childcare from the Billings Clinic and has been certified in first-aid and CPR training for adult and infant care. Many of the jobs throughout high school include working in a daycare with approximately 10+ children a day, caring for her baby sister, as well as many other babysitting opportunities. Samantha is organized, respectful, and enjoys arts and crafts with children.

Andrea - Nanny and Infant Specialist

Andrea grew up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin discovering her love for childcare early on through her own spirit of youth and passion for learning. With 12 years of childcare experience, Andrea is an active, creative, and patient caregiver. Having studied abroad in Sweden before studying child psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Andrea brought a diverse, innovative perspective to both her job as a Montessori teacher and working at The Yellowstone Club in Big Sky. She enjoys planning adventures, crafts, cooking fun meals, hikes, visits to museums, and making every moment of the day a fun, interactive, and most importantly memorable experience for those she is with.

Ryen - Seasonal Nanny and Infant Specialist

Ryen is an experienced nanny and Bozeman native. She is attending Grand Canyon University in Phoexix, AZ pursuing a Pre-Med major in hope of becoming a specialized dentist. She returns to Bozeman for Summer and Winter break so she can continue to serve families in the area with childcare needs. She enjoys all of the outdoor recreation activities Bozeman has to offer. Ryen is experienced with caring for children of all ages, primarily, infants and toddlers

Alexis - Nanny and Children's Behavioral Specialist

Alexis just recently moved from the beaches of California to the beautiful mountains of Bozeman. She is currently working on her Masters of Social Work with a clinical focus on child development, trauma, and holistic therapy techniques. She has over seven years of experience working with children as a nanny and babysitter. Additionally, she spent the last two years interning at two non-profit youth organizations where she was an ESL tutor in an after-school program as well as a youth intervention group facilitator where she designed a curriculum of fun activities for developing emotional regulation skills, health literacy, and youth leadership for kids ages 3-12. She has experience working with children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Her interests include a holistic lifestyle, yoga, cooking, sewing, arts and crafts, and hiking!