Our Team


Owner and Founder

Karissa spent seven years as a professional nanny before the inception of her agency, Four O Six Nannies. Passionate about early childhood development, Karissa's focus is activity. She encourages health through nutrition.  Her team is constructed of educators and professionals equally focused on promoting the healthy lifestyles for children and working families. Karissa is a graduate of Montana State University and has created, for the Bozeman/Big Sky area, a platform for childcare, elevated.


Placement Counselor

Mary lives and breathes organization and time management. She ensures the delivery of high-quality services to our customers and makes sure our nannies and kids have a great experience.  She provides support to each member of the team as they work their magic. She loves working with children as much as she loves hiking around the mountains and wading in the streams and rivers of the beautiful State of Montana. She also loves cooking, baking, and spending time with her husband. She works hard to overcome challenges, problem solve, and hold the course under pressure.  Mary holds a BS in Communications from the University of Montana and a certificate in Non-Profit Administration as well as eight years of office management experience.

Our Nannies

A nanny wears many hats. They area long-term caregiver and in the eyes of a child, an extension of the family unit. Four O Six Nannies understands that it is imperative to create a perfect match the first time. A nanny is responsible for day to day care of the child resulting in healthy physical and emotional growth. A Four O Six Nanny can be expected to participate in daily planning and scheduling, transportation needs, healthy meal and snack preparations well as dishes, laundry, and other household duties. A nanny is an investment in healthy growth. A Four O Six Nanny is childcare, elevated.