Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for services?

Pay online when you register for a membership package or a booking. Payment must be confirmed before we can book a nanny for you. Nannies are paid at the end of each day by check, cash, or venmo.

Nannies are paid directly?

Yes, nannies are paid directly at the end of each day. They are to be paid by cash, check, or venmo.

Booking Fees?

If you become a member with one of our membership packages, booking fees are included in the membership fee. If you are not purchase a membership package you will be charge a $20 booking fee for each day that you are requesting a sitter. Booking fees must be paid before we can book a nanny for you.

Why should I sign up for a membership?

Having a membership helps you and your family save money. Paying the membership fee you will not have to pay a $20 booking fee for each day you request a sitter. Also, by having a membership you are guaranteed a replacement nanny and makes the process of finding a sitter faster if you need a last minute sitter. If you are needing a nanny often, having a membership is the best route.

Do memberships roll over to the next month?

No, any unused bookings do not roll over to the next month.

Do you have to sign up each month to continue the membership?

No, you will be automatically charge at the first of every month for your membership. You are able to change your membership to fit best fit your needs.

Can I cancel and get my money back?

For a membership you may cancel at any time to avoid being charged for the next month. If you cancel in the middle of the month you will still have the remaining bookings left that were unused.

How long is a membership?

A membership starts at the first of each month and goes until the last day of the month.

Will I get to meet the nanny before I book them?

โ€‹No, you will not meet the nanny beforehand. We will send a profile of the nanny we book for you. They will check in 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking time. If you are hiring a full time nanny, you will get to meet the nanny prior and do a trial run to make sure they are the perfect fit for your family.

What if my nanny calls in sick or can’t make it?

If your nanny calls in sick or is unable to make it we will do our best to find a replacement sitter for you.

Can I have a background check done on my nanny?

We do a background check on all of our nannies before they join the 406 Nannies team.

Are supplies and games provided for events/weddings?

Yes, upon request. We have a wide variety of fun games, activities, and other fun items. WE also have portable pack and plays. Please check out our list here. (link this to the list the website)

If so is it part of the cost or additional?

Crafts, games, and activities are included in the cost. If you are needing the tee-pees or pack and plays there will be an additional cost.

How far in advance is recommended to book a nanny?

The more advance notice you can give us the better. That way we can make sure to be able to find a sitter for you. We understand things come up last minute. If you need a sitter last minute please feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to find you a nanny.

Is pet sitting only for dogs?

No, pet sitting is not only for dogs. We have nannies on the team that are experienced with horses and other animals.