Full Time Nanny Registration


  1. Family fills out our full-time (35+ hours/week) registration form and pays a non-refundable deposit of $300 toward $2,200 placement fee. Clients are then contacted by Four O Six Nannies to review and their registration and get to know the family.
  2. Four O Six Nannies will scan through current team members schedules and profiles to see if any nannies are a good fit for you. If there isn’t a nanny on our team available we will interview for you.
  3. We post job listings immediately and interview specifically for your position. We conduct at least one phone interview followed up by one or more in-person interviews.
  4. Screen Candidates which includes: reviewing applications, resumes, calling references, processing background checks and checking social media accounts.
  5. Meet with nannies who’ve been hired. Nannies sign contracts, review handbooks and readdress job details and requirements.
  6. Send the family nanny profile or profiles to review.
  7. Four O Six Nannies helps the family set up in-home meetings with nanny or nannies.
  8. Check in with families to see which candidates they liked.
  9. Four O Six Nannies provides a Family & Nanny Contract. Family is then placed with the nanny. Family and nanny discuss hourly pay.
  10. Family may add additional services via their account if they need backup or occasional babysitting.