Part Time Nanny or Sitter Monthly Packages

From: $0.00 / month

Membership packages are for local residents of the Bozeman area.

If you are visiting please select here, for our one-time/occasional sitting form.

  1. Fill our registration form and select your booking package.
  2. Four O Six Nannies will contact you with any additional questions regarding your registration and preferences.
  3. If looking for an occasional babysitter or pet sitter, you may simply start submitting booking requests from your account. We will provide sitters who cater to the needs of your family, and sitters will vary from booking to booking. This will save you time and money versus doing one-time bookings.
  4. If looking for a part-time nanny, we also take the following steps to ensure we find the right nanny for you.
    • Four O Six Nannies will scan through current team members schedules and profiles to see if any nannies are a good fit for you. If there isn’t a nanny on our team available we will interview for you.
    • We post job listings immediately and interview specifically for your position. We conduct at least one phone interview followed up by one or more in-person interviews.
    • Screen Candidates which includes: reviewing applications, resumes, calling references, processing background checks and checking social media accounts.
    • Meet with nannies who’ve been hired. Nannies sign contracts, review handbooks and readdress job details and requirements.
    • Send the family nanny profile or profiles to review.
    • Four O Six Nannies helps the family set up in-home meetings with nanny or nannies.
    • Check in with families to see which candidates they liked.
    • Four O Six Nannies provides a Family & Nanny Contract. The family is then placed with the nanny.
  5. The family may add or request additional services via their account for special events or additional bookings.
  6. If you are looking for a One-Time booking or on vacation pleaseĀ go to the One Time booking page.
  7. Unsure of which package to pick? Please feel free to contact us to make sure you select the correct package.

Once you register for this package, you will be able to request a nanny/babysitter/pet sitter up to the selected number of times per month. If you reach your limit, you will have the options to upgrade your subscription or pay for a one-time sitter. Please note that bookings do not roll over to the next month. This monthly fee is a placement fee by 406 Nannies, and sitters must be paid via cash, check, or venmo at the end of every session. For sitter pricing, please see our rates page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Package 1: $35/Month – 3 Bookings/Month
Package 2: $50/Month – 5 Bookings/Month
Package 3: $100/Month – 12 Bookings/Month
Package 4: $150/Month – 24 Bookings/Month

Part-Time Nanny: $100 One-Time Placement Fee


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